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ChaceRace is the world’s first strategic racing game that can only be won through the use of “the little gray cells”.
There is no luck or chance in the game. The formula of the game is patented, and it is a Danish invention.The game as been developed for 22 years, and is now available in the form of a board game and an app. There is room for 24 teams in the game, each having a company name.
A Team has their own drivers who compete against the other teams, where you can win prizes in the form of vouchers, that can be used online to purchase products in the game Webshop or advertisers’ physical stores.



Chase Race is rolled out internationally from the start. There will be a World Cup, with a prize sum of up to € 100.000 in 2013.The entire game platform has a built in “social community”, where you can send gifts to teammates, friends and family.There is an integrated marketing platform, where advertisers can manage their advertising space via a web interface. There are so many temptations to drive the viral platform for recruiting players, that we predict an explosive growth in the number of players.



Initially we launch the App on the iPad, and then publish it on all other tablets and smartphones, during the fall, 2013.Being a Race Team in ChaseRace, you promote your brand on the cars, on the side gangs, in our ad pillars and in 288 daily worldwide tournaments. The intention is to invite companies to become Teams, in the first strategy racing game in the world: ChaseRace.



ChaseRace is also the Worlds first live multi player gaming platform on mobile gadgets. Our game engine secures a real time game experience, no matter of the geographic position of the players.Furthermore, we have permission to play for real money, because we are in the category of games, where no luck or random outcome of moves, are happening. It is only intelligent skills, that provides the winner in every race game, played on our game platform.The ambition is to become the World’s largest entertainment platform for real money games.



In our webshop, the players can buy commodities according to their preferences, which they register in our relation database. In time, it is our ambition, to provide a product catalogue, with a huge number of quality products, to be consumed by our players.Our intention is to collaborate with a professional international company, providing the best practise of dropshipping services. This will secure a fast and secure delivery to our many prize winners in the ChaseRace game, whom are shopping in our mobile Magento Webshop. ChaseRace will have it’s own dedicated customers in a gaming universe, that will reach a critical mass of more than 500.000 active players, world wide.



We are ready for launch in July 2013, and presently working on the recruitments of Teams. In the early fall 2013, we are launching our own Internet Television Station, that can be operated from all mobile platforms, as well as computers and laptops.This television Channel will be open for commercial ads, integrated in our daily news stream to our players, all around the world. Welcome to the world of ChaseRace.